Based in Los Angeles, Michael has created graphics for CBS, AMC, TNT, MTV, NBC, USA, VH1, FreeForm, Showtime, Netflix, Disney, Lucasfilm, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Microsoft, and several dozen private clients.

Michael creates graphics that tell stories. His style is flexible and multifaceted, suiting the stylistic requirements of each assignment, whether it's a TV show, trade show, or private event. Each creation fits into and elevates the finished product.

Michael enjoys the fusion of set design and video content, and is happiest creating graphics for both. With a broad skill set he is particularly adept at combining traditional graphic design with playback content creation, and weaving the two together.


Michael has a knack for picking up software extremely quickly, enjoys making geometric animations, is fluent in American Sign Language, and is a member of the Art Director’s Guild.

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